The new Nissan 370Z is coming! Beginning next week after the official release at the LA auto show, Nissan along with HIN are sponsoring the Follow the Z Tour ( crossing the country and likely coming to a location near you!

We encourage everyone to join 3ZC Sunday Dec 7th, when the Follow the Z Tour drops down and sets up shop at Z1 Motorsports. There will be food, entertainment, models, and of course a lots of Zs, including a couple of the newest addition to the family, 370Zs!.

Z1 Motorsports will be featuring special event pricing for attendees on popular Z32 parts, as listed in the 3ZC events forum next week.

The 2008 Z Nationals DVD will be released and given away free to the first 100 Z owners in the gate! Check out the events section at for all the details. Join us and follow the new 370Z to Z1 Motorsports on Dec 7th!